HC Deb 09 April 1891 vol 352 c123
MR. SINCLAIR (Falkirk, &c.)

I beg to ask the First Commissioner of Works whether any proposals have been placed before him with a view of converting the Palace of Linlithgow into a museum for Scottish antiquities; and, if so, will due care be taken to preserve the distinctive character of one of the most interesting historic buildings now existing in Scotland?


I have this morning received a Memorial from the Provost, Magistrates, and Council of the Burgh of Linlithgow, suggesting that the old dismantled palace at that place should be roofed in, and that it should be made available as a Public Library and Reading Room, and that this House should vote the money necessary for those purposes. I shall confer with the Secretary for Scotland on the subject. But at the first blush it strikes one that it is one thing to take steps—if any should appear to be necessary—in order to preserve from complete destruction the interesting ruins of an old Royal Palace, but it is quite another thing to provide a Public Library and Reading Room in the town at the expense of the Exchequer.