HC Deb 22 May 1890 vol 344 c1594

I wish to ask the Postmaster General whether, seeing that the income of the Post Office, according to the Official Statement for the year ended:51st March, 1890, was £9,450,000, and the expenditure only £5,463,204, showing a surplus of £3,986,796, he will, in view of the desirableness of disseminating amongst the constituencies accurate political information, arrange for Members of Parliament sending to their constituents Parliamentary Papers, not exceeding 4oz. weight, without payment of postage?


I have no power to grant any hon. Member the privilege of franking Parliamentary Papers or any other correspondence, the franking privilege having been abrogated by the Penny Postage Act, 3 and 4 Vic, cap. 96. But I shall be willing to consider if any additional facilities can be given for the dissemination of Parliamentary Papers.