HC Deb 20 May 1890 vol 344 c1412

Return ordered— Of work done under the following Acts:— (1) Transfer of Land Act, 1862; (2) Mortgage Debenture Acts, 1865–1870; (3) Land Transfer Act, 1875; (4| Land Charges Registration and Searches Act, 1888, showing—

  1. (I.) Number and value of the new titles registered or applied for in the preceding year, with details (a) distinguishing between possessory and absolute titles registered, and applications still pending at the end of the year; (b) showing as far as practicable the values and costs in each case; (c) showing in each case whether the application was made in person, or how otherwise:
  2. (II.) Number of estates on the Register under the Acts of 1862 and 1875;
  3. (III.) Number, value, and nature of all transactions registered during the preceding year under the Acts of 1862 and 1875;
  4. (IV.) The same, as far as practicable, under the Mortgage Debenture Acts, and "The Land Charges Act, 1888;"
  5. (V.) Comparison of costs and receipts of the office in the preceding year with those of former years."—(Mr. Tomlinson.)