HC Deb 06 May 1890 vol 344 cc264-5
MR. CHANNING (Northampton, E.)

I wish to put a question to the President of the Local Government Board in reference to the Allotments Bill. I had an Instruction down upon the Paper on Friday, which I was prevented from moving; but I wish to know if the right hon. Gentleman will introduce clauses for the purpose of cheapening the procedure under the Act in the direction of the Instruction I had intended to move, which Instruction was to the effect that in case of compulsory purchase now extra allowance should be made; and also clauses to provide that the Local Authorities shall have more freedom as to the extent of the land they may require for the purpose of allotments. Will the Government introduce clauses of that nature now, or will they re-commit the Bill at a later period, with the view of inserting clauses to cover those purposes?


The very fact of the hon. Gentleman being in order in moving an Instruction to the Committee will show that, unless such an Instruction had been agreed to, neither the Government nor any individual Member could possibly introduce such clauses. Therefore, whatever may be the view of the Government they would be unable to take the course suggested by the hon. Member.

In reply to a further question by Mr. CHANNING,


said: The progress of measures now before the House is not so rapid as to afford the slightest chance of a Bill dealing with the questions raised by the hon. Member becoming law, or even to justify its introduction.