HC Deb 27 March 1890 vol 343 cc24-5
MR. LENG (Dundee)

I beg to ask the Postmaster General whether it is within his knowledge that on her last outward passage the City of Paris, without mails, arrived at New York 63 hours in advance of the mail-carrying steamer Britannic; whether he has been informed that the Inman and White Star Lines have entered into an arrangement to take effect on 2nd April, and to continue during the summer, under which it is probable the steamer not carrying mails will arrive at New York every alternate week two days before the mail-carrying steamer; and whether, for the convenience of the mercantile public, he will publish, a fortnight in advance, the names of all steamers sailing from Queenstown to New York with Her Majesty's mails, with the dates of their departure, and also indicate the names of other steamers of high speed leaving Queenstown on the same days as the steamers carrying the mails, so that merchants may be able to address their letters to be sent by the fastest steamers?

*THE POSTMASTER GENERAL (Mr. RAIKES,) University of Cambridge

My Department has not yet received from New York the official Returns of the arrival of the two steamers referred to; but, according to telegraphic advices, the City of Paris arrived at New York about two days in advance of the Britannic. The City of Paris carried, as usual, ship-letter mails, 14 bags in all, consisting of correspondence specially superscribed for transmission by that ship. As regards the hon. Member's second question, I am informed that the White Star Company has entered into no arrangement with the Inman Company of the character referred to. As regards Question 3, the information desired by the hon. Member is already given to a considerable extent in the Post Office, Daily List. That official publication gives, one week in advance, the name and date of sailing of each contract mail steamer to New York, and also of each non - contract steamer sailing on fixed days and at regular intervals. If it would be any convenience to the mercantile public to have this information so long as a fortnight in advance (which I think is doubtful) I will endeavour to meet that wish.