HC Deb 17 March 1890 vol 342 cc992-3

I beg to ask the Secretary to the Treasury whether the Board of Works have recommended a large grant of money, and if so, how much, for the West Kerry Light Railway, under the Act of last Session; whether an Order in Council, having the effect of an Act of Parliament, is now in force, sanctioning the construction of this same Railway and the imposition of a baronial guarantee of dividends on £112,000 of capital, the entire estimated cost, and what is the estimate now; whether a contract was entered into by the Company with a solvent contractor to carry out and complete the undertaking for the guaranteed capital, and whether this contract was cancelled on the passing of the Light Railways Act; whether, under these circumstances, this line comes under the provisions of the Light Railways Act and the special circumstances of the case that demand State aid for such a Railway; and whether the Treasury have yet sanctioned the recommendation of the Board of Works in this case, or whether they have any intention of doing so?


I understand that in 1885 a presentment was made for a baronial guarantee of 4 per cent, on a capital of £112,000 for a line between Killorglin and Valentia, somewhat similar to the line that has recently been inquired into under the Light Railways Act, 1889, but the Order in Council authorising the line was not taken out till 1889. The coat of construction, &c., for the line contemplated in 1885 was estimated by the promoters at £120,156, but by the Board of Works at £147,000. I have no knowledge of any contract having been made or cancelled for the completion of the undertaking for a sum of £112,000. As regards the proceedings under the Light Railways Act of last Session, I am informed that a line from Killorglin to Valentia was scheduled by the Lord Lieutenant in Council under that Act. A promotion company calling themselves the West Kerry Light Railway Company took the necessary steps under the Tramways Acts to have their scheme inquired into; and the Board of Works, in obedience to statute, held an inquiry and reported on the proposals submitted to them. The cost of the line is estimated by the Board at £155,000. The Treasury have come to no decision as regards the recommendation of the Board of Works.