HC Deb 03 March 1890 vol 341 cc1638-9

I beg to ask the Postmaster General whether he is cognisant of the fact that the mails despatched from Dundee and the East of Scotland on Saturdays, the most important mails of the week to the American merchants, to catch the Cunard steamers at Queenstown for New York, have repeatedly missed the connection whore they should be taken on with the London mails to Holyhead; whether the Cunard Steamship Company have repeatedly remonstrated with the Post Office Authorities on the subject, their representations remaining entirely unheeded; whether the Dundee mail, which should have gone by the Aurania on 25th January, did again miss the connection; and whether it is in the power of the Post Office Department to enforce such reasonable regularity in the conveyance by railway in this country of important mails for America as will prevent the serious inconvenience to which British and American merchants have been of late subjected?


I cannot say that the Scotch mails for America have repeatedly missed the steamers from Queenstown; but, owing to exceptionally stormy weather on the 25th of January, the mails from Scotland missed the junction with the Irish mail at Warrington, and thus lost the packet from Queenstown to New York. No remonstrance on the subject has been received from the Cunard Steamship Company. The Post Office is in constant communication with the Railway Companies, with the view of preventing delay in the mail services; but occasional irregularities will happen from causes over which the companies have no control.