HC Deb 03 March 1890 vol 341 c1648
MR. FLYNN (Cork, N.)

I beg to ask the Attorney General for Ireland whether his attention has been called to a case heard at Woodford Petty Sessions on the 24th inst. before Messrs. Hickson, R.N., and Burke, J.P., in which an emergency man named M'Keever was summoned by Constable Sheehan on a charge of being "drunk in the streets of Woodford on the 14th inst., and having a loaded revolver in his possession;" if it is true that a few hours after his arrest he was brought before Mr. Burke, J.P., by whom he was discharged, and who added that no further action should be taken; has his attention been called to the report of the trial, from which it appears that it was proved by Constable Sheehan that M'Keever, on being arrested, threatened to shoot him; that Mr. Burke, notwithstanding the protest of the presiding magistrate, persisted in cross-examining the policeman, and finally called him a "blackguard;" and that after M'Keever had been fined £2 and costs, and had paid that sum, Mr. Burke stood up in Court, advised M'Keever to appeal, and ordered the money to be handed back; and, if the above facts are correctly stated, whether the Lord Chancellor will make inquiry into the action of this magistrate?


I have called for a full Report of what occurred, but have not yet received it.


Will the right hon. and learned Gentleman be able to answer the question to-morrow?