HC Deb 26 June 1890 vol 346 c76
MR. O'KEEFFE (Limerick)

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for War if his attention has been called to a disturbance which occurred on Thursday last among the men of the 5th Battalion Munster Fusiliers at Limerick; whether these men (militia) are, contrary to usage, compelled to lie under canvass, and that, owing to rain and defective arrangements, their bedclothes, &c, have been wet, and there is danger of sickness ensuing; and whether a sum of 2s. 5d. per week has been taken off the men's pay, and, as universal dissatisfaction has been excited, whether steps will be taken to improve their condition, and revert to the original position of the Force?


The General Officer at Cork has reported that this Militia battalion was encamped for training; but as after two days incessant rain the bedding and camp furniture became saturated, the men were, under medical advice, transferred to billets. After a day in billets, the equipment being quite dry the battalion returned, with the medical officer's concurrence, to camp. No stoppage was made from the men's pay; but, being under canvas, they get no lodging or ration allowance. Nothing is known of airy general dissatisfaction or defective arrangements or anticipated illness.