HC Deb 23 June 1890 vol 345 cc1632-3
MR. CALDWELL (Glasgow, St. Rollox)

I beg to ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether in the case of entailed estates it is the practice of the Inland Revenue Department on the succession of each heir to charge any Probate, Succession, or other Death Duty in respect of heirlooms such as jewels, gold and silver plate, books, &c, often of great value; if so, upon what scale; and, if not, can he explain on what grounds?


Heirlooms, such as jewels, plate, pictures, and books, are charged with Probate Duty as part of the personal estate of the deceased person who, by his will, directs them to be held as heirlooms; but they are not charged with any Legacy or Succession Duty so long as they are enjoyed in kind only by any person or persons not having any power of selling or disposing thereof, so as to convert the same into money or other property yielding an income; but when the heirlooms are actually sold or disposed of, or come to any person having power to sell or dispose thereof, or having an absolute interest therein, then Legacy or Succession Duty is exacted as upon any other legacy or succession.

DR. KENNY (Cork, S.)

Is it true that in regard to the Hamilton heirlooms no duty has been charged upon them, and will Succession Duty be not charged as the result of the sale of the so-called heirlooms?


asked for notice of the question.