HC Deb 23 June 1890 vol 345 c1647
MR. J. REDMOND (Wexford, N.)

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for War whether it is the intention of Government to rent or purchase, at Castlecomer, a new rifle range for the use of troops stationed at Kilkenny; whether, about five years ago, on the advice of experienced officers, the lease of the rifle range at Duncannon was renewed at a yearly rental of £130, and that this lease has still many years to run; whether any difficulty has been found in accommodating troops in the excellent barracks at Duncannon Fort, and in tents in the Fort; and whether he can explain on what grounds it has been determined to give up this old station, and to sacrifice many hundreds of pounds which must be paid to the owners of the Duncannon range during the unexpired years of the lease?


In an answer given to the hon. Member for North Kilkenny on the 26th November, 1888, it was shown that a range in the neighbourhood of Kilkenny was much required, but that serious local difficulties had occurred in acquiring the necessary ground at Castlecomer. Those difficulties are now, I hope, about to be overcome, and a range will be formed for the troops in Kilkenny. The rangeat Duncannon Fort is held for 21 years from 1885, at a rental of £125 a year, and it will still be used for the troops at Waterford and Wexford. There is no difficulty in accommodating troops at Duncannon Fort; but a large expense in transport will be saved if a range be established near Kilkenny.