HC Deb 17 June 1890 vol 345 cc1124-5
MR. NORRIS (Tower Hamlets, Limehouse)

I beg to ask the Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs if it is a fact that Rajah Brooke has seized a large part of the Independent State of Brunei, against the wishes of the lawful Sovereign of the State; and, if so, has Rajah Brooke broken the agreement made between the Sultan of Brunei and Her Majesty's Government, also his own agreement with the Sultan; whether Her Majesty's Government has received a strong protest from the Sultan of Brunei, informing them that Rajah Brooke has interfered with the independence of the State of Brunei, and thereby violated the terms of the agreement between Her Majesty's Government and His Highness, dated 17th September, 1888; and if Her Majesty's Government will take steps to insure that their Treaty with the Sultan shall be respected, and if they will award compensation for any losses suffered by the Sultan in any breach of such Treaty?


Rajah Brooke has annexed the Limbang District, which was nominally under the Sovereignty of the Sultan of Brunei, though his authority over it does not appear to have been recognised by the inhabitants for some years. The annexation is subject to the approval of Her Majesty's Government. The Sultan of Brunei has protested. We are not yet in possession of sufficient information to enable me to make any statement as to the course which Her Majesty's Government may feel bound to take in the matter.