HC Deb 03 June 1890 vol 344 cc1844-5
MR. WAYMAN (York, W.R., Elland)

I beg to ask the President of the Local Government Board, having regard to the fact that a Local Government inquiry was held in February, 1889, as to the Stainland-with-Old-Lindley Local Board's application for power to borrow £10,000, for the purpose of constructing water works at Coldacre, in Stainland, and that the Local Government Board, 12 months later, sanctioned the said scheme, subject to certain conditions, which have been complied with, whether repeated applications for the documents necessary for the carrying out of the scheme have been made by the clerk to the Local Board without avail; and, if so, why it is that the Local Government Board continue to withhold from the Stainland-with-Old-Lindley Local Board the necessary authority to borrow the said sum of £10,000, thus depriving the inhabitants of the township of the water which has become to them an absolute necessity?


The Local Government Board caused an inquiry to be hold in February, 1889, as to an application of the Stainland Local Board for sanction to borrow for the purpose of a scheme of water supply. As the Local Board are aware, objections have been strongly urged to their proposals, and questions have been raised as to their right to obtain water from the sources proposed by them, and the question has been one of much difficulty. The Local Board, however, after obtaining the opinion of counsel, informed the Local Government Board that they were prepared to undertake all the responsibility of proceeding with the scheme, and the Board then expressed their willingness to sanction the loan upon certain conditions, one of the conditions being certain proofs with regard to the consent of an authority within whose limits of water supply part of the Local Board district is situate. The Board are now awaiting a reply to a communication which they have addressed to the Local Board on the subject of such consent. I have no reason to doubt that the matter will be settled speedily.