HC Deb 25 July 1890 vol 347 c908

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department whether he has yet received from Mr. Pinching his written Report on the prevalence of Miners' Disease among the miners of Cornwall; whether he will lay it upon the Table when he has got it; whether he can state upon what evidence, taken since 1888, the Government have decided to introduce legislation to deal with the question; and whether such legislative proposals are to be based upon the opinion of Mr. Pinching that, except for omission on the part of the miners, there is no danger from this form of disease, the ventilation and general arrangements of the mines being, in his opinion, all that can be desired?


Yes, Sir; I have received the Report I asked for from the Inspector as to the alleged insanitary condition of the mines in Cornwall. I will send a copy to the hon. Member, but I do not propose to lay it on the Table of the House. The Government have not been moved by fresh evidence since 1888 to contemplate legislation with regard to metalliferous mines. Early in that year the Inspectors, at my request, furnished me with suggestions for improving the general efficiency of the existing Act, and, among other things, for securing better ventilation and lessening the dangers from ladder-climbing. With respect to these last two matters, I am glad to say that a greatly improved state of things now exists.


I would ask the right hon. Gentleman if he will consider the propriety of granting me Return No. 6, for which I have a Motion on the Paper? I will not press for a reply now, but will repeat the question on a future occasion.