HC Deb 24 July 1890 vol 347 cc728-9

whether his attention has been drawn to the necessity for improved postal arrangements in the township of Clontarf, Dublin, where, although the population has very largely increased within the last decade, few or no improvements have been effected in that time in the postal arrangements of the district; whether he is aware that the only post office in Clontarf is situated at one extremity of the township, the result of which is that the delivery of letters posted in Dublin is greatly delayed, that parcels intended for the post have in some cases to be carried nearly two miles, and that an extra charge for delivery of telegrams is made in several parts of the township; and whether, if all this is so, he will consider the advisability of immediately establishing a post, telegraph, and savings bank office in some central part of Clontarf, in addition to the office already in existence there?


An additional post office at which money order and savings bank business will be carried on at Whitehall Terrace, Clontarf, has recently been sanctioned, and it will be opened as soon as possible. When the question was last considered, the amount of the business at Clontarf was not sufficient to warrant the expense of a second telegraph office there, but I am causing renewed inquiry to be made on this point, and I will let the hon. Member know the result. There are at present two daily deliveries at Clontarf, one of these deliveries, namely, that beginning at 12.45 p.m., is limited in area, and an application for its extension to other parts of the district is now under consideration.