HC Deb 15 July 1890 vol 346 cc1821-2

Resolutions [14th July] reported.

First Resolution (see page 1620) agreed to.

Second Resolution (see page 1643) postponed.

Third Resolution (see page 1679) agreed to.

Fourth Resolution (see page 1679):—

(11.14.) MR. A.O'CONNOR ( Donegal, E.)

I desire to ask a question which was put yesterday, and not answered. It is, whether it is a fact that the Registrar General in Ireland has communicated to certain gentlemen in Dublin facts known to him officially, with the result that a criminal has been enabled to escape justice, and whether the Government propose to take any notice of his conduct under the Official Secrets Act of last year or otherwise?

(11.45.) MR. T. M. HEALY

I will spare the Government the trouble of rising. I was opposed to the gentlemen who had the benefit of this information, and I do not think it would come within the provisions of the Official Secrets Act. The police had gone to the office, and made a public inquiry before the clerks and everyone else, and all the Registrar General said was that the police were making inquiries.

(11.46.) MR. A. O'CONNOR

I did not ask from a professional point of view at all, but from a public point of view. I bog to ask whether, in consequence of this information being supplied, a criminal was enabled to escape from justice?


Nothing that was said yesterday gave me the idea that Dr. Grimshaw had violated the Official Secrets Act. If the hon. Member wishes I will undertake to make particular inquiries.

(11.47.) MR. E. HARRINGTON

I desire to say that my hon. Friend made this charge against the Registrar General last night.


I listened to what the hon. Member said, and my own interpretation of his language was that Dr. Grimshaw was not guilty of any offence.


The question still remains, whether the Registrar General in his official capacity has aided the escape of a criminal? I think the Chief Secretary or the Secretary to the Treasury, who was present last night, might certainly have been prepared with some answer on this particular point. It is always better that matters affecting the disclosure of public documents should be probed to the bottom. I know quite well that in the case of a poor and humble man this matter would be inquired into.

(11.48.) DR. TANNER

I think we are entitled to some answer on this point. It would be better for Dr. Grimshaw as well as for everybody else that, the matter having been brought forward, we should have some opinion expressed by the Government with regard to it.

Resolution agreed to.

Fifth Resolution (see page 1685) agreed to.

Postponed Resolution to be considered to-morrow.