HC Deb 14 July 1890 vol 346 cc1589-90

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for War whether he can explain why the Essex Militia (3rd Battalion) was assembled at Warley, and sent by train to Colchester and back to Warley, and why the 3rd Battalion did not occupy the camp recently vacated by the 4th Battalion; and what object is gained by the expense involved in sending tents and camp equipments for 700 men from Colohester to Warley and back for the 4th Battalion, and sending the 3rd Battalion from Warley to Colchester and back, instead of occupying the camp at the place of assembly?

*THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR WAR (Mr. E. STANHOPE,) Lincolnshire, Horncastle

The object gained was the instruction of the 3rd Battalion in a large camp with regular troops. The original arrangement for this year was that the 3rd Battalion should train at Colchester Camp, and the 4th Battalion in barracks at Warley, but the drainage at Warley Barracks was found to require attention, and the 4th Battalion was, therefore, encamped at Warley. This was not considered a sufficient reason for depriving the 3rd Battalion of the valuable instruction arranged for it at Colchester.


In consequence of the answer of the right hon. Gentleman I beg to give notice that I will call attention to the matter on the Transport Vote, and move a reduction.

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