HC Deb 04 July 1890 vol 346 c813

I wish to ask the Secretary of State for War whether he will correct a statement in the report of his speech last night in the Times of to-day, in which he is represented to have said, "We mean the abolition of the office of Commander-in-Chief of the Army," because, undoubtedly, the right hon. Gentleman stated that the Government had not so decided.

*THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR WAR (Mr. E. STANHOPE,) Lincolnshire, Horncastle

My hon. Friend is quite right. In the passage to which he alludes I was mentioning the proposals of the Commission, not the decision of the Government, and by reading the context anyone will, I think, be able to see that what I said was— Which I may sum up by saying that what I mean is the proposal for the abolition of the office of Commander-in-Chief.