HC Deb 01 July 1890 vol 346 cc454-5
MR. SEXTON (Belfast, W.)

I beg to ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer, with reference to the declaration of the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant, of Ireland, on the 24th of March last, that Ireland is entitled to A contribution of £40,000 a year, which Ireland has never yet got, but which she has a right to get, as a set-off against the advantage which England and Scotland have recently derived from the Liconce Duties handed over to those countries, and Section 7 of the Land Purchase Bill, which proposes a yearly charge on the Consolidated Fund of £40,000 in order That the like benefits maybe given to Ireland as were given to England and Scotland when the duties on local taxation licences were transferred to Local Authorities, what means he will adopt to provide that the arrears of this contribution, and the amount payable for 1890–91, shall be made available for the benefit of Ireland in the current financial year?


The hon. Member's assumption that the Land Purchase Bill will not pass into law by March 31, 1891, is one with which I cannot agree. Accordingly, I think that the time for discussing the point of what should be done with the £40,000 if the Bill does not pass by that date had better stand over until it is seen more clearly how that may be. I can, however, assure the hon. Member that one way or another that sum of £40,000 shall not be lost to Ireland—that is to say, it shall not be retained in the Exchequer. As to the question of arrears, I would point out that this is the first year in which Scotland gets the difference between the grant and the licence, and the first year, too, in which Ireland will get the £40,000, so that Ireland and Scotland will stand on the same footing.


I am much obliged for the general assurance which the right hon. Gentleman has given. Does the right hon. Gentleman expect us to take it from him that the Land Purchase Bill will pass through this House and through the House of Lords, and receive the Royal Assent, before the 31st of March next year?