HC Deb 27 February 1890 vol 341 c1333
DR. TANNER (Cork, Mid.)

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for War if it is a fact that during the non-training period the battery sergeant-majors and sergeants of the Waterford Artillery are obliged to show their kits once a month, and shake out their shirts, socks, &c, side by side with the trumpeters, and in view of the non-commissioned officers and men of the Cavalry in the barracks; if it is usual for battery sergeant-majors of the Royal Artillery or colour-sergeants of the line to show kits with the men of their corps; if it is true the noncommissioned officers of the corps in question made a representation on the subject complained of in 1885, to Colonel Shortland, R.A., Commanding Auxiliary Artillery, Cork District; whether he gave orders it should be discontinued; and whether this was done while he remained in command?


The marching order kits of all the staff of the Waterford Artillery—which includes five trumpeters—are examined together once a month in a room in barracks, but not in view of the Cavalry. The inspection of their other clothing takes place at their quarters. Colonel Shortland is in India, but I cannot find that any formal representation was made to him. The adjutant communicated with him, and apparently some relaxation in the rules for inspection was made. Lately the commanding officer has found it necessary to be more strict again, as several non-commissioned officers were found to be parading without complete marching order kits.