HC Deb 27 February 1890 vol 341 cc1337-8
MR. HANBURY (Preston)

I beg to ask the First Lord of the Admiralty whether in any cases, and, if so, in how many, the capitation grant of 30s. had been drawn by members of the London Corps of the Royal Naval Artillery Volunteers who did not possess certificates of efficiency, and to what cause this was due; and whether it is contrary to the Regulations; and, if so, who is the official responsible for the breach of them?


The capitation grant of 30s. has in no case over been drawn for any member of the London corps of the Royal Naval Artillery Volunteers who has not strictly complied with all the conditions for efficiency as laid down in the Admiralty Regulations. If any "efficient" member should not be in possession of his certificate of efficiency it is in consequence of his not having applied for the same. The certificate of efficiency is not issued annually as a matter of course. It is signed by the officer-instructor, the commanding officer of the battery, and the commanding officer of the brigade. The capitation grant is paid by the Accountant General, on the basis of the list of efficients rendered by the commanding officer of the corps through the Admiral Superintendent.