HC Deb 24 February 1890 vol 341 cc1031-2
MR. J. MORLEY (Newcastle-on-Tyne)

On behalf of my right hon. Friend the Member for Mid Lothian I desire to give notice that, on Monday next, when the First Lord of the Treasury makes the Motion of which he has given notice with reference to the Report of the Special Commission, the Member for Mid Lothian will move to omit all the words after the word "House," in line 5 of the Motion, in order to insert the following words:— This House deems it to be a duty to record its reprobation of the false charges of the gravest and most odious description, based upon calumny and forgery, which have been brought against Members of this House, and particularly against Mr. Parnell, and, while declaring its satisfaction at the exposure of these calumnies, the House expresses its regret for the wrong inflicted and the suffering and loss endured through a protracted period by reason of these acts of flagrant iniquity.

SIR C. LEWIS (Antrim, N.)

With reference to the notice just given, I beg to give notice that, in the event of the Amendment just read becoming an original Resolution, I shall move to add thereto— This House nevertheless deplores that, by such Report, it is further found—first, that John Dillon, William O'Brien, and seven other Members of this House were parties to a treasonable conspiracy; and, secondly, that Charles Stewart Parnell, John Dillon, William O'Brien, Thomas P. O'Connor, Timothy M. Healy, and 38 other Members of this House were parties to the criminal conspiracy described in such Report; and this House is of opinion that the conduct of such Members in those particulars is deserving of severe condemnation.