HC Deb 24 February 1890 vol 341 cc1014-5
MR. FENWICK (Northumberland, Wansbeck)

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department whether his attention has been called to the verdict of the coroner's jury, as reported in the Manchester Guardian on 31st January, in the case of the 64 lives which were lost through the explosion at Mossfield Colliery, Longton, on the 17th of October last, from which it appears that the jury declared the manager, Mr. Potts, was— Deserving of severe censure in not personally inspecting- the mine for so long a time previous to the explosion, and that the coroner, in addressing Mr. Potts, said— He had systematically broken Rule 21, which required his daily supervision of the mine, and had also disregarded Rule 7 of the General Ruled, which required that he should withdraw the men from the pit in the case of danger; and, if so, whether the Government propose to take any further action in the matter?


Yes, Sir; I am aware of the finding of the coroner's jury; but until I receive the Report of the counsel who attended the inquest on behalf of the Home Office I am not in a position to say what action, if any, the Government will be able to take after the lapse of time that has occurred. I am expecting the Report every day.


Will the Report be presented to Parliament, and will copies be obtainable by hon. Members?


I will make inquiry, and inform the hon. Gentleman.