HC Deb 20 February 1890 vol 341 cc736-7
MR. WATT (Glasgow, Camlachie)

I beg to ask the First Lord of the Admiralty whether contracts have been concluded for the total sum to be expended under the Supplementary Vote of last Session; and, if so, whether, and by what sum, the Estimates have been exceeded owing to increased costs for wages and material


By Supplementary Vote I assume the hon. Gentleman means the sum of £10,000,000 appropriated to naval purposes, but not included in the annual votes. Contracts for the whole of that sum have not been concluded. The great recent rise in wages and price of materials has affected the Estimates made previous to that rise, but no contracts have been made or liabilities incurred in excess of the sum alluded to. If, on further examination, it is found that the whole of the work and supplies which this sum of £10,000,000 was to cover cannot at present and prospective prices be satisfactorily completed, it will be my duty to make to the House a further statement on the subject. A statement of all the contracts made for the hulls, machinery, and guns of the ships ordered has been laid upon the Table of the House and should shortly be circulated.