HC Deb 15 August 1890 vol 348 cc1135-6

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland whether he is aware that a licence for a pound at Ballyconnell, on the Olphert Estate, has recently been granted in a place which has none of the qualifications necessary for a pound, and is actually a part of the farmyard of Ballyconnell House, to which there is no access except through Mr. Olphert's private grounds; what necessity there is for a pound in this place, and whether the licence will be withdrawn if it should be found on inquiry that no necessity exists for this pound? I have also to ask the right hon. Gentleman, whether his attention has been drawn to a Circular addressed to the Magistrates of the County of Donegal, giving notice that a special Sessions of the Justices of the Peace of the said county, to be held at Lifford on the 11th August instant, for the purpose of considering the necessity of applying to the Lord Lieutenant for an extra force of constabulary, to replace the same number of men of the reserve force at the Royal Constabulary Depôt, which, for some time past, has been serving in this county; can he state what is the necessity for taxing this district with extra police, and if he can state how many police stations are now on the Olphert Estate, how many policemen are stationed there, how are they paid, and what does Mr. Olphert receive for barracks and stations? May I further ask the right hon Gentleman if he can state how many licensed pounds are now on the Olphert Estate, who granted the licences, who are the pound keepers, and have they entered into recognisances; and, if so, who are the sureties; whether these places have any of the qualifications necessary for a pound; whether he can state the charges made by the bailiffs for the sheep that are on their way to the pound, or in the pound; how much money has been collected off the district for trespass within the past six months, and to whom does this money go; whether the police are authorised in assisting to drive cattle and sheep to these pounds; and whether he is aware that, on the 11th August, six bailiffs and three policemen made a raid on the waste lands of Glashercoo, and took away 47 sheep from a vacant house in which they were penned, and which were not grazing on the land, or doing any damage whatever, and on their way to the pound also took along some sheep grazing by the roadside?


I must ask the hon. Gentleman to postpone these questions.

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