HC Deb 12 August 1890 vol 348 cc699-700
SIR G. CAMPBELL (Kirkcaldy, &c.)

I beg to ask the Under Secretary of State for India whether, at the time of the creation of the present Mysore State in 1799, the Maharajah was bound by Treaty not only to pay for a British subsidiary force, but also in time of war to contribute to the expense of the British Forces; whether in 1807, by another Treaty, the latter obligation was commuted to the constant maintenance of 4,000 efficient Horse, at all times ready to accompany and serve with the British Armies; whether those obligations remain in force to this day; why, by way of indulgence, the number has now been reduced so low as £1,200; and whether the present arrangement is subject to the distinct understanding that the obligation for the support of the entire number required by the Treaty, should it at any time be deemed expedient to enforce that obligation, was not in any released, as stated in the Preface to the Mysore Treaties, published by the Government of India, Vol. V., page 250?


In Parliamentary Paper, Mysore, No. 1, of 1881, the hon. Member will find the answer to the first and second questions. The answer to the third is, Yes. At page 129 of the Parliamentary Paper above mentioned, the hon. Member will find that as long ago as 1880 the number was reduced to 1,000.


May I ask whether the number is permanently reduced to 1,000, or can it be increased?


The hon. Member will find all the information on the page of the Blue Book I have mentioned.