HC Deb 05 August 1890 vol 347 cc1918-9

I beg to ask the Vice President of the Committee of Council on Education whether, notwithstanding the intimation conveyed in Mr. Ward Hunt's letter to Mr. Corry, of the 11th January 1867, namely, that the Treasury concurred in the arrangements proposed for placing and maintaining the College of Science in Dublin in a state of efficiency, the proposed arrangements have never since been made, although continual applications to that effect have been received from the Dean and Council of the College; whether the last memorial in December, 1889, of the Dean and Council on the subject correctly represented that the development of the College renders it urgently necessary to extend the buildings so as to relieve the congested condition of the laboratories and library, and to meet the requirements of the yearly increasing number of students; that new chemical and metallurgical laboratories and a new lecture room are required; that the attendance of students in the college is limited by the insufficiency of the present accommodation; and that the work of professors and students is interfered with, and rendered difficult by overcrowding, want of proper ventilation, bad lighting, and by the grave structural defects and general unsuitability of the buildings; and whether steps will now be taken to make such extensions and improvements as the health of the staff and students, and the interests of the College, urgently require.


I am most anxious to see the College of Science developed and made thoroughly effective, which cannot be the case so long as the difficulties referred to in the second paragraph of the hon. Member's question exist, and I am in communication with the Treasury on the subject.