HC Deb 04 August 1890 vol 347 c1751

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for War, with reference to the ground for the encampment of the 3rd Battalion of the Royal Irish Rifles at Newtownards, whether he is aware of the general dissatisfaction among the officers and men of the regiment on account of the unsuitable-ness and inconvenience of the present place of encampment; whether he is aware that the drill ground is small and bad, and the distance from the shooting range is so far that it takes three days to put a company through, each company firing 10 rounds a day; whether his attention has been called to the correspondence on the subject published in the Newtownards Chronicle of 28th June last and of the 5th instant; and whether, considering the statements therein and the complaints made by officers and men, he will make inquiry with the view to let them have the use of the huts at the shooting range when next up for drill, or if he will consider the desirability of securing a place of encampment convenient to the present shooting range?


The ground consists of 27 acres, and is in every way suitable for the purpose.