HC Deb 04 August 1890 vol 347 cc1736-8
MR. BRADLAUGH (Northampton)

I beg to ask the Under Secretary of State for the Colonies whether he is aware that a Convention has been signed with the Transvaal Government, and whether that Convention excludes Her Majesty's Government from the paramount position in Swaziland conceded to it under the Convention of 1884; and whether Her Majesty's Government have acquiesced in the demand of the Transvaal State for extension of their site to the sea?


A Convention has been signed by President Kruger, and will be presented this day to the Volksraad. Papers are in course of preparation, and will be presented as soon as possible, including, of course, Sir Francis de Winton's Report. In the meantime it may be convenient to state the substance of the Convention, the final terms of "which we have not yet received. (1) The independence of the Swazis as recognised by the Convention of 1884 is re-affirmed and maintained, and the control and management by the Swazi Government, of all affairs in which natives only are concerned, remains unaffected. (2) It is provided that there shall be a joint Administration over the white settlers, under a Proclamation to be issued by the Swazi Regent and Council. (3) A Court of Justice will be established to administer Roman Dutch Law, and to decide all cases, criminal and civil, between white settlers, and to inquire into the validity of disputed concessions. (4) All lawfully acquired rights to be recognised by the Joint Government Committee and by all Judicial Tribunals. (5) The Government of the South African Republic undertakes not to interfere to the North or North-West of the Republic, and to support by its influence the establishment of order and government by the British South Africa Company within the jurisdiction and under the powers granted them by Charter. (6) Her Majesty's Government recognises the right granted to the South Africa Republic by concession from the King of Swaziland, to construct a railway through Swaziland towards the sea. They also approve of the South Africa Republic making Treaties to secure a right to continue that railway to the sea at a point at or near Kosi Bay, and to obtain a concession of an area of 10 miles in radius at or near Kosi Bay. (7) Special provision is made to prevent the sovereignty, control, or management of Kosi Bay, or the area above mentioned, falling into the hands of a foreign Power. (8) Provision is also made for the entering of the South Africa Republic into the existing Customs Union Convention with the Cape, Orange Free State, and Bechuanaland, on terms to be agreed upon. (9) Failing such Agreement within six months, the arrange- ment as to Kosi Bay is to lapse; but the Joint Government of Swaziland is to continue for three years certain, and will not be terminated after the expiration of three years, unless six months' previous notice be given by either party. If the South Africa Republic enters the Customs Union, no limit of time is named for the termination of the Convention.

DR. CLARK (Caithness)

Will the Papers be in the hands of hon. Members before the discussion comes on?


It may hardly be possible to produce them by that time.

* MR. BRYCE) (Aberdeen, S.

Considering the importance of the matter, it is most desirable that at least a Paper containing a summary of the terms should be printed before the discussion comes on.

* THE FIRST LORD OF THE TREASURY (Mr. W. H. SMITH,) Strand, Westminster

Papers similar in character will be laid on the Table.

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