HC Deb 04 August 1890 vol 347 cc1741-2
MR. WEBSTER (St. Pancras, E.)

I beg to ask the Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether the statements in the Daily Graphic, of 29th July, have been called to his attention relating to the recent murder of a British soldier by a Spanish Carabinero, on the neutral ground betwixt Gibraltar and Spanish territory:— The facts appear to have been as follows:—On the night in question some smugglers (Spaniards) were observed attempting to run a cargo on the neutral ground. The English sentry, having orders to prevent such action, gave the alarm, and a small patrol attempted to seize the offenders, who at once ran back into the English lines. The Spanish Carab-ineroes were quickly on the spot, and one of these, a mounted man, galloping up to the English soldiers, turned deliberately in his saddle, and, firing at one of our men, shot him dead. As the act took place on neutral ground, a short distance beyond our lines, and as the perpetrator at once made off, no action could be taken by the authorities, or by the coroner who presided at the inquiry; If these statements are correct; and whether, in such a case, he is in a position to inform the House if any communications have passed between the British and Spanish Governments upon the subject?


The account, as given in the question, appears to be inaccurate in several particulars; but the matter is under the consideration of Her Majesty's Government, who are in communication with the Spanish Government on the subject.

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