HC Deb 04 August 1890 vol 347 cc1759-60

I beg to ask the Under Secretary of State for India whether he is aware that, while the average town mortality in Bengal in 1889 was 25.03 per 1,000, the gaol death rate in the same Presidency was 45.8 per 1,000, and in other parts of India much higher, attaining in some instances to 120 per 1,000; whether the regulations under which Indian gaols are con-ducted were framed by gaol officials; and whether the Secretary of State will direct the attention of the Government of India to this excessive mortality, with a view to the adoption of means to secure its reduction to at least the average mortality of the district in which each gaol is situated?


The official Returns for 1889 have not yet been received. In 1888 the death-rate in gaols was 44.7 for Bengal, and 33.1 for the whole of India, which was a satisfactory reduction from 35.6, the death-rate of the preceding year. The regulations are framed by the Government of India. The attention of the Secretary of State and Government of India has for some time past been directed to the mortality in gaols; and the Government of India is now engaged, in concert with the Local Governments, in considering suggestions for endeavouring to diminish the amount.