HC Deb 29 April 1890 vol 343 c1634

I beg to ask the Financial Secretary for War whether he has further inquired as to the refusal of a military funeral (as desired by that distinguished General) to the remains of General Jones, G.C.B., and what further information is to be imparted to the House; and if the statements in the Times are correct, what apology or reparation is to be offered to the General's friends and comrades in arms? I also wish to know whether the attention of the hon. Gentleman has been directed to a letter from Mrs. Griffiths, a sister of the late General Jones, in which she states that all the arrangements for the funeral were made on the understanding that it was to be a military funeral, and that the countermand only came the night before the funeral was to take place?


The Secretary of State for War has already explained that the Regulations did not admit of a military funeral for the remains of the late Sir William Jones, and if the inadvertent promise of one by the Local Authorities before they had consulted Headquarters has been the cause of pain or annoyance to the family of the deceased officer, I can only say that no one can regret it more than the Staff in Dublin and those in authority at the War Office.