HC Deb 28 April 1890 vol 343 cc1529-30

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland why the Constabulary in the Killanir Dispensary district, Ennis Union, County Clare, were taken from under the medical care of Dr. T. R. Killeen, the medical officer of the district, and who was receiving pay from the Constabulary at the time, and handed over to Dr. Faris, Ennis, who had no connection with the district; whether the Inspector General of Royal Irish Constabulary issued, or caused to be issued, an order under the regulations of the Force, that every medical officer of a dispensary district should be medical attendant on the constabulary of his district if he cared to accept the position, and provided he was not unfitted for the appointment; whether Dr. Killeen was unfitted; and whether there is another dispensary district in Clare where the medical officer for such district is not also medical attendant on the constabulary in his district?


The Constabulary authorities report that Dr. Killeen had merely acted under a private arrangement with the previous medical attendant as his locum tenens when the latter was incapacitated through ill health, but be had never been the appointed Constabulary medical attendant of the district. There is no regulation of the nature indicated in the second paragraph. Prior to 1883 some, such regulation did exist, but it was in that year cancelled by the Government of the day, as it was found to work unsatisfactorily. The gentleman appointed in the room of the late medical attendant has been selected by the Constabulary authorities as being, in their opinion, the most suited for the appointment. The reply to the inquiry in the last paragraph is in the affirmative.