HC Deb 24 April 1890 vol 343 cc1267-8

I beg to ask the Under Secretary of State for India whether he has now received the particulars regarding the demolition of a Hindoo Temple at Durbunga, the responsibility for which was accepted by Mr. Beadon, the civil officer of the district; whether he has noticed a telegram from the Calcutta correspondent of the Daily News, published on 19th instant, stating that the Hindoo community are not satisfied with the decision of the Lieutenant Governor of Bengal, removing Mr. Beadon to another district, and demand that he should be punished; whether this Mr. Beadon is the same officer who, when Acting Deputy Commissioner at Hazareebagh, was severely censured by order of the Secretary of State for India in consequence of his action in what was known as the "Hazareebagh Gaol Case," and directed to make a full apology to the Gaol Superintendent, whom he had wrongfully accused of tampering with the official records under his charge; and whether he will make inquiry into the conduct and antecedents of the officer in question, with the view of determining whether mere removal to another district is sufficient punishment for his conduct in the present case?


The Secretary of State has received no official information respecting the demolition of the Indian Temple at Durbunga. His attention has been called to the telegram only by the question. The facts stated respecting Mr. Beadon are not correct. The matter occurred more than 15 years ago. Mr. Beadon was not censured by the Secretary of State, nor ordered to apologise for making a wrong- ful accusation. The Secretary of State sees no reason for his interference in the matter.