HC Deb 21 April 1890 vol 343 c1068

Order for Second Reading read.


I object.

*SIR E. BIRKBECK (Norfolk, E.)

I appeal to the hon. Member to allow this Bill to be read a second time. I feel confident he has not read the Bill, or he would not object. Let me draw his attention to the Memorandum attached to the Bill. It points out that the Bill is to secure sufficient bedroom accommodation, proper drainage, and ventilation, in all new cottages for the labouring classes, and to enable Rural Sanitary Authorities to take care that such cottages have adequate gardens.


The hon. Baronet will excuse my explaining that there are several Members on this side of the House who are not here, but who may have some objection to the Bill. If the hon. Baronet can assure me that the Bill has the approval of those Members, I will not continue my objection.

Second Reading deferred till Thursday.