HC Deb 07 May 1889 vol 335 c1365
MR. ANGUS SUTHERLAND (Sutherlandshire)

asked the Lord Advocate whether the attention of the Secretary for Scotland has been called to numerous resolutions passed at public meetings throughout the Highlands of Scotland, condemning the recent appointment of Assessors to the Crofters' Commission; and what steps Her Majesty's Government intend to take in order to establish public confidence in the decisions of the Commission?


The Secretary for Scotland has received various resolutions of the nature mentioned in the first part of the question. It does not, however, appear that these complaints are well founded. As the hon. Member is no doubt aware, these Assessors are appointed by the Commissioners, who take the utmost pains to select impartial persons having local knowledge and experience. As regards the six Assessors at present employed in Skye, the appointment of three was largely supported by the Crofters, one was known to be on friendly terms with the Crofters, a fifth resided in the Island, and so had special knowledge of it, and the sixth had a special knowledge of the West Coast, and had already done satisfactory work for the Commission. These appointments only hold good for the Island of Skye, and the Commissioners are at liberty to make fresh appointments when they leave Skye, and no doubt they will again take every step to secure suitable persons. There is no reason whatever to suppose that public confidence in the Commission requires to be established.