HC Deb 29 March 1889 vol 334 cc1157-8
MR. BOWEN ROWLANDS (Cardiganshire)

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department whether he was in a position to state the sources from which the Chief Constable of Cardiganshire derived the information that the peasants of Penbryn had determined to resist and ill-use the bailiffs employed to levy tithe distraints thereon the 19th of March; and whether in the Reports made to the Home Office, any account is given of the use of batons by the police upon women and children before there were any signs of riot?


The Chief Constable informs me that he received the information in question from many sources, among others from the Superintendent of Police of the district, and from a local constable. He informs me that no complaint was made to him at any time that any woman or child had been struck by the police, and he saw nothing of the kind occur.

MR. DILLWYN (Swansea Town)

Was any attempt made to get the information from sources independent of the police?



An hon. MEMBER

When was the information asked for?


I cannot give the date.