HC Deb 21 March 1889 vol 334 c387

asked the Under Secretary of State for the Colonies if he will lay upon the Table copy of the Bill for giving responsible government to Western Australia, which was read a second time in the West Australian Legislature at the instance of the representatives of the Government; and, whether, since there has been a dissolution in West Australia, the Secretary of State will undertake not to re-introduce the Bill till this House has had an opportunity of considering the question of alienating upwards of a million square miles of land comprised in the West Australian Territory?


Her Majesty's Government cannot consent to lay on the Table the Bill as read a second time in the late Legislative Council of Western Australia as its provisions are probably now undergoing some alterations. The new Legislative Council was to assemble about the 15th instant, and no doubt the Bill has been already introduced. It would not in any case be possible for Her Majesty's Government now to direct the withdrawal of the Bill. There is, however, no question of alienating a million square miles of land; since it has been decided that if responsible Government is introduced, Her Majesty's Government is to retain control over the Crown lands within the greater half of the Colony. I may again remind the House that Imperial legislation will be required before the Colonial Act can come into operation.

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