HC Deb 18 March 1889 vol 334 cc51-2

asked the Under Secretary of State for India (1) whether Mr. Josiah Whymper, who was gazetted as Companion of the Indian Empire in the recent distribution of honours, was the manager of a brewery company at Murree. If so, what were the services rendered by him to the Indian Empire which induced the Government of India to recommend him to the honour; and(2) whether it was a fact that Sir Frederick Roborte, the Commander-in Chief of the forces in India, a short time ago recommended Mr. J. Gelson Gregson, lately the secretary of the Soldiers' Total Abstinence Society, fur a similar honour, expressing the, opinion that Mr. Gregson's great services had resulted in an increase of sobriety and good conduct among the soldiers stationed in India, equal in its results to the addition of a regiment to the forces in India?


My answer to the first question is, yes; he was recommended for honours by the Viceroy— On account of his public spirit in developing the local resources in the Rawul Pindi district, and on account of his services to the military department. (2) As regards Mr. Gregson, the Secretary of State is not aware of any such recommendation having been made by Sir F. Roberts; nor has any such recommendation been made to the Secretary of State by the Viceroy.