HC Deb 13 March 1889 vol 333 cc1614-6
DR. CAMERON (Glasgow, College)

I wish to ask whether the Supplementary Estimates will be taken to-morrow?


The Government propose to take the Navy Estimates, in accordance with the arrangement made a few days ago. It is desirable that these arrangements should be adhered to. I shall have to ask the House at 3 o'clock to-morrow to suspend he 12 o'clock Rule, in order to make it quite certain that the Government will get the Votes which are necessary for the service of the country. I hope it will not be necessary for the House to sit past midnight; but the circumstances are such that we must provide for anything which may arise to prevent the Votes being taken before 12 o'clock. I trust, therefore, the House will assent to the arrangement I propose to make.

MR. CHILDERS (Edinburgh, S.)

I understand the right hon. Gentleman only proposes to take business till 1 o'clock. I heard just now something said about Report of Supply being taken as the first Order of the day to-morrow. No one knows how long that would last. I suggest the Votes should be taken first. There is no urgency in regard to the Report of Supply, and I hope the right hon. Gentleman will only suspend the Rule until 1 o'clock.


If the right hon. Gentleman can give me an assurance that the public business will be completed, I shall be very glad to accept his suggestion. I do not desire to keep the House sitting one moment longer than is necessary. No attempt will be made to make progress with the Supplementary Estimates.


I suggested to the right hon. Gentleman to take the Navy Votes first, and not the Report of Supply.


It must be obvious that the business of the country must be carried through; but if the right hon. Gentleman can assist the Government in getting the Votes by a certain time I shall be very glad to give him the assurance he desired.


So far as any influence I may have is concerned, I hope the Votes may be taken before 1 o'clock; but it would be extremely difficult to do that if Report is also taken. I repeat that there is plenty of time for the Report.


I wish the right hon. Gentleman would point out where that time is to be found. I must entirely deny the accuracy of the right hon. Gentleman's calculation. If the right hon. Gentleman looks into the matter, he will find that unless the Government appropriate fully to themselves hon. Members' time on Tuesday next, which we should be very unwilling to do, Report of Supply must be taken before that day.

SIR R. N. FOWLER (London)

I think it is useless suspending the Rule till 1 o'clock, as, if there is a fixed hour, it puts it in the power of any hon. Member to talk out the business of the House, and the right hon. Gentleman opposite cannot answer for every Member on his side of the House.

MR. CONYBEARE (Cornwall, Camborne)

I should like to see the business of the House conducted with more smartness. The Government do not possess the confidence of the country, and Members on my side are not anxious they should continue to exercise the power of government. If there is not time now to get through the business, it is because the Government have not called Parliament together at an earlier date.

DR. TANNER (Cork, Mid)

I should like to take this, the first opportunity I have had, of asking if the Government still stick to the statement made in this House the other night as regards my treatment in Scotland Yard? I understand that last Friday week it was stated that I had received most luxurious treatment at the hands of the Government, and I now ask whether the Government are prepared to substantiate or deny that statement?


The hon. Gentleman must be aware that I have no personal knowledge whatever of the circumstances which he refers to. I understand that the right hon. Gentleman the Home Secretary made his statement on information supplied to him by the Chief Commissioner of Police.


As I think it is in the interest of the House that the whole truth on this matter should be ascertained, I beg to give notice that I will put a question regarding it on the Paper.