HC Deb 11 March 1889 vol 333 c1388
Mr. FISHER (Fulham)

I beg to ask the First Commissioner of Works how it is that the large sum of money voted by the House for the purpose of providing additional cells and other accommodation at the Hammersmith Police Court has not yet been expended, and whether he can give some satisfactory assurance that there will be no further delay in carrying out the necessary works?


It was not possible to begin spending the money voted in last year's Estimates for Hammersmith Police Court until the Home Secretary had had time fully to consider the Report of Mr. Justice Wills's Committee on the accommodation of prisoners in the London Police Courts. The preparation of the plans was also somewhat delayed by the applications of the magistrates for better offices. When these questions were settled we found it impossible to frame plans which would meet all requirements within the Estimate, and we had to appeal to the Treasury on the subject, but I hope we are now at the end of our difficulties, and that the works will be forthwith begun.