HC Deb 11 March 1889 vol 333 c1386
Dr. CAMERON (Glasgow, College)

I beg to ask the Secretary to the Treasury whether any payment of public money has been made to Mr. M'Lennon, Procurator Fiscal of the Skye district, in respect of expenses incurred by him in defending the action "Macpherson v. M'Lennon," raised and decided under circumstances precisely similar to those existing in the case of "Beaton v. Ivory"; if so, what sum was paid Mr. M'Lennon; and did the Government, before paying him, inquire whether he had applied to the pursuer's agent for his taxed costs?


A sum of £59 8s. 11d. was paid Mr. M'Lennon in respect of expenses incurred by him in the defence of the action in question. Payment was made on the usual certificate from the Lord Advocate that the expenses were incurred under his directions, and ought to be paid from public funds. It cannot be ascertained without further inquiry whether any application was made to the pursuer for payment of the taxed costs; but it is believed that no such inquiry was made.


When was the payment made, and ont of what fund did it come?


No mention of the date is made in the Question. Perhaps the hon. Gentleman will put down another Question on the point.