HC Deb 08 March 1889 vol 333 c1289
* DR. CAMERON (Glasgow, College)

Mr. Speaker, I rise to a point of order with reference to the business of this evening. In the Orders of the Day circulated among hon. Members no effective Supply is set down, and no notice is given of any particular class of Estimates to be gone on with. Hon. Members have made their arrangements accordingly. On the paper which we got on coming down to the House I find that effective Supply is set down, and the point of order I wish to put is whether we are to be guided by the paper distributed this morning, which may or may not be in accordance with the Notices given last night, or by the amended paper distributed this afternoon?


I am very sorry that a mistake has occurred in reference to the notice paper circulated among Members. It was an entirely accidental omission, and was discovered too late to stop the circulation of the paper. The mistake was corrected in the white paper laid on the Table of the House. There was no fault on the part of anybody, the mistake being entirely accidental.


But the point is rather an important one. If there has been a mistake on the part of the hon. Gentleman or of the clerks in noting the procedure of the House, and if there has afterwards been an informal interpolation in a second edition of the notice paper, I take it that that will not constitute a valid expression of the Orders of the House, and I ask for the Speaker's ruling on the point.


A mistake has evidently been made, but I am bound to say that under the circumstances the notice of effective Supply is insufficient.