HC Deb 07 March 1889 vol 333 c1141
MR. THOMAS ELLIS (Merionethshire)

I beg to ask the President of the Board of Trade whether his attention has been called to a resolution unanimously passed at a meeting of the Dovey Fishery Board in June last, in favour of amending the bye-laws so as to extend the time for net-fishing within the district of their jurisdiction by a fortnight; whether he is aware that, at the meeting of the Board held on the 22nd February, it was announced that Mr. Barrington, Chief Inspector of Fisheries, had, in an interview with the fishermen on 3rd January, expressed a decided opinion that the Board of Trade would not grant the extension of time, and that it was urged that, as the decision of the Board of Trade was almost a foregone conclusion, it would be throwing money away to go through the necessary forms of applying for sanction; and whether it is a fact that the Board of Trade is opposed to such an extension of time for net-fishing; and, if so, why?


In reply to the first paragraph in the Question, I have to say that my attention has not been called to any such resolution. Mr. Berrington would have no authority to express any opinion on the part of the Board of Trade, and assures me that he did not do so. Mr. Berrington was interviewed by some fishermen at Machynlleth Railway Station on the 3rd January last, and promised to report their views to his Department in the event of any bye-law being sent in for confirmation. In reply to questions he declined to say what view the Board of Trade might take, adding that the proposal would receive full consideration. In answer to one or two of the deputation he advised not being too sanguine of success, looking to the possibilities of opposition from various interests. The Board of Trade will be quite prepared to deal with any question upon its merits.