HC Deb 28 June 1889 vol 337 cc1005-6

I beg to ask the Secretary to the Local Government Board whether he can state what progress is being made in carrying out the recommendations of the Boundary Commissioners, in connection with the Local Government Act of 1888; and, can he also state if any steps are being taken, and if so by whom, in order that all alterations in Census areas, caused by this Act, may be amended before the forthcoming Census is taken?


The Reports of the Boundary Commissioners refer chiefly to the boundaries of counties and of unions which overlap counties, and the boundaries of those boroughs which are not urban sanitary districts. As regards the latter, the Local Government Board have in each case caused a local inquiry to be held, and Provisional Orders dealing with all the cases except one have been submitted to Parliament for confirmation. With respect to other alterations, the Board have recently received several applications from the Councils of counties and county burghs, and in these cases the Board are in communication with the Local Authorities interested as a preliminary step to the holding of local inquiries. The alterations of areas which have been made by the Local Government Act, and further alterations which may be made in pursuance of its provisions in the coming year, will be recognized in connection with the next Census.

MR. COSSHAM (Bristol, E.)

May I ask whether all the arrangements made by the County Councils must be brought before this House before being confirmed?


No, Sir; certainly not. The alterations which will have to come before the House are alterations of county and borough boundaries. Alterations of union boundaries may be made after an inquiry by the County Council, without reference to this House.