HC Deb 18 July 1889 vol 338 cc695-6

The Select Committee appointed to inquire into the affairs of the Yorkshire Provident Insurance Company, to consider the Special Report of the Select Committee on Friendly Societies, and to report to the House what action should be taken thereon, have considered the matters to them referred, and have agreed to the following Report:—

Your Committee have had before them for examination the shorthand notes of the evidence given by Mr. Richard Martin before the Friendly Societies Committee, with respect to the Yorkshire Provident Insurance Company, and the books and papers produced by him, and also a Letter addressed to Sir Herbert Maxwell by Mr. Richard Martin, and certain books forwarded by Mr. Richard Martin to the Clerk to your Committee.

The Committee, having considered the Special Report of the Friendly Societies Committee, and the evidence and other materials mentioned, are of opinion that such evidence, books, papers, and documents should be placed in the hands of the Public Prosecutor, in order that criminal proceedings may be instituted against the persons responsible for the management of the Yorkshire Provident Insurance Company.

Your Committee, having found in the materials before them sufficient ground for this recommendation, have not thought it right to summon and examine Mr. Richard Martin.

In view of the conclusion at which your Committee have arrived, they do not think it necessary to make any Report upon the question of Privilege referred to in the Report of the Select Committee on Friendly Societies.

Ordered, That the Minutes of the Proceedings be printed. [No. 262.]

Ordered, That the Report be considered upon Monday next, and be printed. [No. 262.]

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