HC Deb 01 July 1889 vol 337 c1169

Ordered— Address for Return of Recreation Grounds and Field Gardens, set out under the Inclosure Acts, 1845 to 1878, of which the Trustees or Wardens have (1) refused or neglected to make reports to the Land Commissioners in respect of the Recreation Grounds and Field Gardens under their management, as required by Section 28 of 'The Commons Act, 1876;' or (2) applied the surplus rents of Recreation Grounds or Field Gardens to objects other than those directed by Section 27 of 'The Commons Act, 1876;' such Return to state in each case the name of the county, and the parish, in which the Recreation Ground, or Field Garden, is situate; the name of the common from which, and the dates of the Act of Parliament and Provisional Order under which, it was set out; the office (if any) in the parish held by each Trustee or Warden; and short particulars of any communication between the Land Commissioners and the Trustees or Wardens."—(Mr. Shaw-Lefevre.)

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