HC Deb 28 February 1889 vol 333 cc571-2
MR. NEVILLE (Liverpool, Exchange)

asked the Secretary of State for War whether the Volunteer Regiments of the London Brigades were invited to join Brigade Camps, under their Brigadiers, for four days, at Easter; and, whether their Commanding Officers have been directed to reduce the number of the men attending below the numbers sent in; and, if so, on what ground?


It is the case that the Volunteer regiments of the London brigades have been invited to join brigade camps, it being held by the military authorities that it is advisable to exercise Volunteer regiments with the brigades to which they belong. As a similar effort will be made in the case of all Volunteer brigades, a limit as to the numbers drawing camp allowance has had to be fixed, but this will not prevent any number from being present without the allowance where barrack accommodation is available. The allowance in proportion to the number of days is somewhat higher than in the case of regimental camps, and an increased sum has been taken in the Estimates for the year.