HC Deb 21 February 1889 vol 333 c108
MR. C. A. V. CONYBEARE (Camborne)

I should like to ask the hon. Gentleman the Secretary to the Treasury whether he is going to give the House the opportunity of discussing the contract with the new printers of the Parliamentary Debates? We were told last session we should have an opportunity of considering and revising that contract; but I understand that the new firm have already begun operations. If this be so, I do not see how this House can revise the contract with the least possibility of modifying, varying, or objecting to it. If, as I am told, the new printers have commenced operations, we have a right to complain of the course the Government have taken in going away from their promise, and not allowing us the opportunity we were to have had.


I cannot admit that the Government has gone back from its word in reference to the alleged promise to give the House an opportunity of discussing the new contract for the reporting and publishing of the debates of Parliament. What I said in answer to the hon. Gentleman was that a copy of the contract would be laid on the Table. That has been done. The Government has made the contract on their responsibility. They believe it to be a very good contract in the interests of economy, and they have no reason to doubt that the work will be as well done as hitherto; indeed, that the debates will be more fully reported in the new Hansard than had previously been the case, and I believe the contract is one with which the House will be satisfied.


I do not object to the terms of the contract; but I think I am right in saying it was not laid on the Table or placed before the country until after the House had adjourned for the Christmas recess.


It could not have been laid on the Table of the House after the House had adjourned.

House adjourned at ten minutes before Twelve o'clock.