HC Deb 23 August 1889 vol 340 cc263-4

Motion made, and Question proposed, "That the Proceedings on Supply and Ways and Means, this night, be not interrupted under the Standing Order 'Sittings of the House,' and the Proceedings on Ways and Means may he begun, though opposed, after Twelve o'clock."—(Mr. William Henry Smith.)


I think we have a right to complain of the conduct of the Government in respect of the Technical Instruction Bill. Some little time ago the First Lord of the Treasury intimated that no controversial measure would be introduced at the close of the Session. The Government are now attempting to force through the House in the very last week of the Session a Bill which the Order Book shows to be warmly disputed in its several clauses and provisions by hon. Members on this side of the House. I think we ought not to have this measure forced upon us, and be compelled to discuss it at the fag end of the Session, as the Amendments of which Notice has been given are well deserving of careful consideration. Some of them come from the Chairman of one of the most important School Boards in England, and one which has interested itself in carrying out various schemes of technical education.


The hon. Member is not entitled to discuss the merits of the measure upon the Motion now before the House.


Then I will not go further into the matter now. I will simply say that this is a highly controversial Hill, and that it is only right that it should be postponed until next Session.


Order, order!


May I ask whether the right hon. Gentleman has proposed this Motion with the object of securing the time for the advancement of more measures than ought to be proceeded with at so late a period of the Session. The right hon. Gentleman has stated that all the authorities on technical instruction—[Cries of "Order!"]——


It does not appear to me that it is competent for the hon. Member to raise a discussion on the Technical Instruction Bill on the Motion before the House. The Motion is simply for the appropriation of Saturday, and the Technical Instruction Bill will not be affected by the Motion. It, is therefore, not in order to discuss the Bill.


In the event of Supply being closed to-night, and the Report stage taken to-morrow, can the discussion of the Indian Budget be fixed for Tuesday?


I shall only agree to the Motion of the right hon. Gentleman on the condition that no further contentious business whatever will be proceeded with this Session. Scotch Members have certainly done their part in facilitating the progress of Supply. Early this morning a whole legion of Scotch Votes were passed at one fell swoop. I think that we are quite entitled to insist that we should not be kept in town to discuss any contentious Bill whatever.


The hon. and learned Member is asking me to give a pledge which I cannot give. What is contentious business? Is it business to which a considerable minority are opposed, or business to which some six or eight Members may entertain objection? The House has had experience of my desire to give opportunity for the full expression of feelings and complete satisfaction to all the ingredients of this House. But I must decline to make any such promise as the hon. and learned Member asks. There has been no engagement inconsistent with the declaration I have made. Sir, with reference to the hope which the hon. Member for Northampton asks me to express, I wish to say that I have every hope that if we have concluded Supply, as he suggests, we may fix the Indian Budget at the latest for Tuesday next.


I have paid a visit to the Vote Office and I find that the Dublin Hospital Board Bill has not been delivered. If the Bill comes on tonight I shall oppose it.

Question put and agreed to.

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